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Our Goal

ELS is a comprehensive learning module designed to:

  • Empower students to change their study habits.
  • Create within the studio different level of enthusiasm.
  • Provide students with a level of confidence they never knew was possible.  

ELS is a curriculum designed to improve the skill set of students of all ages and ensure successful comprehension of new information.

Homework help is available to strengthen students ability to complete homework in every grade.

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ELS Details

More about ELS.

  • Organizational Skills and why it’s so important
  • How to pace yourself through the week
  • Ask Questions about what to expect in each grade
  • Why coming to school prepared every day is so important
  • How to formulate questions for deeper understanding
  • Study Skills
  • Note-taking Tips
  • Test-taking skills
  • Reading Strategies
  • Problem Solving Strategies
  • How to look up answers in social studies and other reading materials
  • Interchangeable math Terminology
  • How completely following instructions every time can boost your score at least 10-15%
  • How to stay focused and keep your “A”
  • Tricks successful kids know to do

About Your Instructor

All classes are taught by teachers and educators

In my 24 years of teaching, I’ve learned that students are coming to class without the much needed essential skills for them to be successful students. And they suffer grossly because of it. This impedes their confidence and desire to learn. Teachers don’t seem to always have the time to teach these essential skills to mastery for the students. So, my program is designed to equip them with the essential skills needed and confident to move up in the class and help them to discover and correct some small, but essential problems that have been keeping them at the back of the class.

Get ahead of the gang by getting a head start in Reading, Language Arts, and Math!!!

Be CONFIDENT and be prepared to sit in the front of the class this year!!!

Summer Schedule

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The Essential Learning Skills Edge Summer Camp is a different kind of camp. You will learn the essential skills needed to help you in every class.

Summer Sesssion Start Times

  • Session 1 – Grades 3-4 (June 5- June 15)
  • Session 2 – Grades 5-6 (June 19- June 29)
  • Session 3 – Grades 7-8 (July 10- July 20)
  • Session 4 – Grades 9-11 (July 24- August 4)
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